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Startup Finance Fundamentals

This comprehensive 10-week online course will give you the essential tools and knowledge to navigate the exciting world of startup funding. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, an aspiring venture capitalist, or looking to advance your career in growth financing, this course is for you.


10 weeks, with lifetime access to recorded content upon completion


3 hours per week (1 hour theory, 1 hour case, 1 hour live session)


Online, with applicable content from day one






May 2, 2024
First live session:
May 16, 2024

Course objectives

  • Master the tools necessary to understand startup funding

  • Model and understand different business models

  • Understand the different financing alternatives for startups

  • Dive deep into funding rounds and their long-term implications

  • Design robust reporting models (internal and for investors)

  • Create a network of contacts that you can draw on and take advantage of your opportunities

  • Week 1: Introduction to startup financing
    Gain a solid understanding of the financial reports used in startups (profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement). Learn important financial analysis techniques for startup valuation Analyze a real-world Warby Parker case study to understand the application of financial concepts
  • Week 2: Understanding business models
    Explore different business models (freemium, subscription, marketplace, etc.) and their characteristics Discover important metrics for evaluating the success of different business models Analyze the Dollar Shave Club case study to understand how the business model impacts financial performance
  • Week 3: Bootstrapping and Financing Strategies
    Understand the concept of bootstrapping and its benefits and limitations Discover different financing strategies available to startups (debt, equity, grants) Apply your knowledge to the Airbnb case study and analyze its financing path
  • Week 4: Learn to understand venture capital
    Gain insights into the venture capital ecosystem, including fund stages and due diligence processes Learn how to understand investor expectations and negotiate financing terms effectively Apply your findings to the Uber case study and analyze its interaction with venture capitalists
  • Week 5: The Funding (Part 1) – Seed and Angel Rounds
    Understand the mechanics of seed and angel financing rounds (term sheets, valuation) Develop valuable skills in pitching investments and exploring fundraising strategies Analyze the Soylent case study and learn from their experiences with seed funding
  • Week 6: Financing (Part 2) – Series A, Series B, Exit
    Deep insight into Series A and subsequent financing rounds (purpose, impact and valuation) up to the exit (IPO, trade sale, M&A) Gain practical skills in negotiating term sheets and managing investor relationships Analyze the Lanzatech IPO case study and understand its journey through the different financing rounds
  • Week 7: Financial Modeling and Forecasting
    Learn how to build financial models for startups, including forecasting and sensitivity analysis Take part in a practical workshop and use our Excel tools to create your own financial model Apply your newly acquired skills in a group project to develop a financial model for a real startup
  • Week 8: KPIs, Reporting & Communication
    Understand important KPIs for different business models and their analysis Learn how to design effective financial reports for internal stakeholders and investors Discuss best practices for clear and informative investor communications Analyze the Slack case study and understand their approach to financial reporting
  • Week 9: Building a Network for Success
    Understand the importance of building a strong network in the startup ecosystem Develop strategies for effectively building and leveraging professional networks Learn from the insights and experiences of a guest speaker, an experienced investor and entrepreneur
  • Week 10: Summary and future trends
    Summary and collaborative review of the course to consolidate your findings and clarify any remaining questions Get insights into new trends and the future prospects of startup financing from an experienced speaker (venture capital investor or startup founder).

Our proven learning concept


Video lectures on theory

Lay the foundation with clear and concise theory taught by industry experts.

Interactive live sessions

Deepen your understanding through insightful discussions, questions and answers, and expert guidance

Practical case studies

Apply your insights to analyze actual startups and gain valuable practical experience. We primarily used case studies from Harvard Business School and practical examples from our daily work.

Taught by startup finance experts

Tim van der Linden

Tim van der Linden

Startup finance expert

  • Director at LeadX Capital Partners

  • Fractional CFO at b.fab 

  • Venture Partner, Accelerator Mentor

  • Consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

  • LinkedIn
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